Sunday, April 29, 2018

Just sing!

Our middle grandson, who will be four years old next month, sings in his bed until he falls asleep at night. In the morning, the sound of him singing in his bed is how you know he is awake. He has great pitch and will pick up a tune right away. When he hears a song at church, even if it's just a time or two, you will hear him attempting to sing it.  He may stumble to get the words right, but remembers the tune perfectly. I think he was born with the heart of a worshipper.

I love to sing as well. When I'm doing something I love to do, usually something creative, I find myself singing, whistling or humming. I vividly remember getting in trouble in first grade for subconsciously humming as I did my work. But, it was spending the past twelve days taking care of my grandson, while his parents were on a missions trip, that made me realize that I haven't been singing much lately. He sings constantly and wanted me to sing with him.  We sang when I tucked him in. We sang when we drove somewhere in the car. The more that we sang together, the happier my heart felt.

Then one morning, my grandson had a bit of a temper tantrum. I had promised him he could watch a certain cartoon he loves. When I went to turn it on, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The remote batteries were dead. When I replaced the remote batteries, I found out that the internet wasn't working, which meant I couldn't access Netflix. He melted down-in fact, it was an the end of the world is coming kind of meltdown. I picked him up, laid him down in his bed, and told him he couldn't get up until he had calmed down.  It was less than ten minutes later that I heard the sound of him singing. He calmed himself down with song, and in doing so, he calmed this frustrated nana down as well.

When you think about it, isn't it amazing that God created us with the ability to sing? I assume He gave it to us for a purpose and expects us to use it. Why not try it? Just sing! See if it doesn't calm you down and lift your spirits up as well!

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  1. I love to hear people singing in church! My grandson is starting to sing a bit now as well. He's only 18 months old so it's pretty cute.

  2. My daughter was like that when she was a little one, and now at 16yo she still sings and makes music constantly. I love to sing as well, and it is the greatest gift that she and I can work together leading worship at our church.

  3. I love this, Elizabeth! Such a sweet story!


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