Thursday, February 8, 2018

What kind of influence am I?

by Debi Baker

Whether we know it or not; whether we believe it or not...everything we do influences someone.  There is always someone watching our every move.  Yes, God is, but there is also another human being who is watching us.  It may be our kids.  It may be the neighbor.  It may be the homeless woman near the freeway.  It may be our spouse.  But someone is ALWAYS watching us.  We need to put our Jesus on and do what we can to influence them for Him!

Sometimes we are watched for the sole purpose of tripping us up in our walk with the Lord.  Yes.  There are people who know what we say we stand for and they have one catch us living in a way that would disprove that we are a Jesus follower!  It's unfortunate but if we say we're a Christian but act like the devil, people will see our life rather than hear our words. 

We need to ask ourselves, "What kind of influence am I?"  People need to see the difference between those who aren't believers and those who profess Christianity.  If we look like the world, then we aren't influencing anyone for Jesus.  There needs to be a distinct difference!  People need to see how we handle the cares of life with the joy of the Lord.  People need to see that life doesn't get us down because we know the Creator of life!

We need to be that positive "ripple effect."  You know...where we are the first drip in the pond that causes ripple after ripple, each circle getting bigger and bigger.  As we put our Jesus on and effect our immediate circle of friends, they will be influenced in such a way that they will do the same.  Let's all be Jesus with skin on!

Have a wonderful day!

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