Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Use a Resurrection Garden for Family Devotions

Today we have a guest post by Sarah Geringer.


A resurrection garden is a fun, easy, inexpensive project to do with your family during Lent. I’ve written step-by-step instructions on how to put it together, and today I’ll tell you how to use it in family devotions.

The base of the garden reminds us that Jesus came to serve us and teach us to serve. In John 13:3-5, Jesus used a basin of water to wash the disciples’ feet, even the feet of Judas, who would betray Him. Jesus is the King of the World, yet He gave up everything to be with us and save us from our sins.
The pot in the garden reminds us that we are the clay and God is the potter (Jeremiah 18:6). He shapes our lives according to His wise purposes and lets us hold His glory.

The soil represents the state of our hearts, as Jesus described in Matthew 13:3-8. If the soil in our hearts is good, it will produce growth. If it is full of other things from the world or sinfulness from our human nature, it won’t produce good growth. God’s Word waters the soil of our hearts and makes it productive.

The grass seed is the Word of God that the Holy Spirit plants in our hearts so we can grow in obedience. If we keep the seeds watered, they will take root and grow. If we neglect the seeds, the growth will die. Just like the Resurrection Garden needs daily attention to thrive, so our hearts need daily time with God to keep growing. Also, the grass reminds us that God can do glorious things with the smallest parts of His creation (Matthew 6:28-30).

The path is a symbol of our life’s path. God will guide and lead us on the right path if we choose to follow and obey Him. Jesus will lead us as the Good Shepherd, who protects us from harm, as described in Psalm 23.

The stone reminds us that God is our Rock. We can turn to him for strength and security. We must build our faith on the solid rock of God’s word, as Jesus described in Matthew 7:24-25. Then we can withstand life’s storms and our faith will be even stronger.

The crosses remind us of Jesus’ suffering and death. If He hadn’t suffered and died for us, we would be condemned forever. Jesus’ victory over death allows us to live eternal life as believers. We can celebrate that Good News at Easter and all year round!

I’ve written a free 40 Day Resurrection Garden Devotional that you can use for family devotions. It’s available for free on my website. I plan to use it for family devotions this Lenten season.
You can also use the verses above as keywords to make your own family devotions to go along with your resurrection garden. Simply do online searches or use a concordance to choose verses to study with your children.

Your children will love building their own resurrection garden, spraying it daily, and watching the seeds grow. I encourage you to try it this year and use it as a basis for your family devotions.

Sarah Geringer writes about Finding Peace in God’s Word at and is the author of three books. She’s written a free 40 Day Resurrection Garden Devotional, and you can find it here. Sarah lives in her beloved home state of Missouri with her husband and three children, right in the heart of prime viewing for the Great Eclipses of 2017 and 2024.

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