Monday, January 15, 2018

Part Time VS Full Time

By: Jenifer Metzger

Go to church on Sunday.
Worship God.
Raise your hands.
Give in offering.

Participate in a Bible study.
Read the required material.
Join in on the discussion.
Share your heart.

What about the rest of the week?

Are you living as a part-time Christian but expecting God to be a full-time God?

How are you living life? Do you live fully for God on Sunday but the rest of the week live how you want? Watch the shows you want, no matter how inappropriate they may be? Listen to the music you want, no matter how offensive the lyrics are? Stick your Bible on the shelf to remain until the next church day? Say words you wouldn't dare say in the walls of the church?

Are you living part time for God?

Now, think of these questions: Do you expect God to be there to answer your cry of distress? To heal you on command when you are sick? To stop bad things from happening?

Do you expect God to be full time?

That's the thing. God is full time. We know from the Word that He will never leave us (Heb. 13:5, Deut. 31:6) and we know that He doesn't sleep (Ps. 121:4). God is always there. He is always right next to you, always listening to you, always guiding you, and always fighting for you.

God cannot be faithless, even when we are faithless (2 Tim. 2:13). He is always faithful to us and when we are faithful to Him, He honors that. It is time to stop living part time and start living full time for Him. It is time to start being fully faithful to Him.

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