Sunday, January 21, 2018

Firmly fixed...

For the past twenty four hours the news has been reporting non-stop about the U.S.A.'s current "government shutdown".  Though in actuality there have been seventeen government shutdowns since the modern budgeting process began, you would think that it's the end of civilization as we know it.  Obviously, it's a frustrating situation, is not beneficial to our nation, and will be harmful if it continues too long.  But, it is also an example of the way fear seems to be running rampant.

Turn on the radio or television and every other commercial is for some product that you need in case of natural disaster, in case the banks fail or the stock market crashes, to protect your home from invaders, or something you need to keep you safe from all manner of potential physical ailments.  Each commercial is banking on fear to motivate you to buy their product.

Clearly, there is wisdom in being prepared for the future and emergency situations. The reality, however, is that no one can prepare themselves or protect themselves from every worst case scenario.  You could drive yourself crazy and bankrupt trying to do so.  Eventually, we have to accept that we can only do our best and then we must simply trust God for the rest.

In order to not be tossed to and fro by evil tidings, bad news, and current events, Psalm 112:7 says that our heart needs to be "firmly fixed" in our confidence and trust in the Lord.  In the Hebrew this word for firmly fixed or steadfast is "kun" which means like a house built upon unshakeable pillars, a strong support, stable, secure, prepared, ready. Isn't that powerful?  Wouldn't it be awful if we were running around trying to be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones from every possible eventuality but forgot the truth that all this world's systems and all this world's things are fallible and temporary, but the only safe, immoveable, unshakeable, strong, stable, secure, steadfast place for us is smack-dab in the middle of God's steadfast love and faithful care?  Don't put all of your hope in the Democrats or the Republicans to fix the budget or our sin marred nation.  Don't place all of your trust in your retirement savings for your security.  Don't fully rely on your home security system or that gun in your nightstand to protect you from harm. The best way to be prepared and ready to face evil tidings without fear is to first make sure your heart is firmly fixed in the Lord.

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  1. Perfect words you share and as always, they do help me. I have been leaning on Trust more lately and the Holy Spirit reminds that God knows the plan. No matter how much I want to do or change things, it will be whatever God's plan is for our world same as it was when Jesus arrived here on earth. I pray for all and am so saddened by what seems to be a more hateful world lately or sporting event going on with America's government system. But, I refuse to let it invade me.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

    1. Yes! The more we see of the sin sickness in our world the more we know the need of a Savior!


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