Monday, November 20, 2017

You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup

By: Jenifer Metzger


Have you felt it? You give and give and give of yourself day in and day out. Your husband is pulling on you for intimacy, your children are pulling on you for attention and care, your house is pulling on you, work is pulling, ministry is pulling, projects are pulling, friends are pulling. You suddenly feel like a worn out tug of war rope.

Everyone wants something from you but you feel empty, like there is nothing left to pour out. Sister, we've all felt it. You are not alone. You need to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you keep giving and giving without filling your own cup, there will be nothing to give anyone.

You need to fill your cup up.

Your family needs you to fill your cup up. When we are empty, we are no good to anyone. Here are a few ways to fill your cup up.

Everyone wants something from you but you feel empty, like there is nothing left to pour out. You need to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Get sleep

Turn off the tv, power down the computer, put aside the project and go to bed. I know there is so much to do, but you my friend need sleep. If this means you have to put the kids to bed 30 minutes early, so be it. Truth is, they will benefit from the extra few minutes of sleep. We need sleep. God designed our bodies to need these hours of shut down every day.


Reading is a great way to relax. Whether you are reading a devotional or a fiction story, reading helps you unwind. I always read for a few minutes before bed. It helps my mind and soul settle down and relax from a hard day. Who cares if it takes you months to finish a book, just pick a book and read.

Do something you love

What is something you love to do but just haven't had the time to do? Reading? Knitting? Puzzles? Gardening? Whatever it is, find it again. You loved it for a reason and maybe it's time to remember why. Even if you only do it for 30 minutes a week, do it.

Go for a walk

There is something so refreshing about walking. It gets that blood pumping and leaves us feeling so good. What is good about walking is the kids love it too. It can become a family affair! If possible, head out side and walk for 30 minutes in the morning or maybe after dinner. If whether doesn't permit, try the treadmill. You will feel so good!

Attend a Bible study

Meeting with like-minded sisters in Christ to study God's Word is an incredible experience. You find that you are not alone. You have an hour or so to simply talk to women who are going through or have been through what you are facing. You cry healing tears. You leave encouraged and refreshed. Find a women's Bible study and join. Can't find one, pray about starting one!

Spend time with Jesus

Jesus refills us in a way nothing else can. I know you are busy and the thought of adding 1 more thing to your list terrifies you. Something you must remember is that God is the Author of time. When you give Him time, you will find that you have more time to do the things you need to. Intentionally spend time with the Father each day and you will fill refreshed.

Whatever it is, whether something from this list or something else, do something to fill yourself up. You cannot keep giving and giving when there is nothing left to give. Fill your cup.

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