Saturday, November 11, 2017

Studying the Bible


Emily Miller

One of the most difficult thing I have struggled with for the past several years with my Christian faith is spending time in the Word.

Satan knows that it is very easy to keep us distracted.

The things that may keep us distracted may not even seem like distractions, as they are good things in themselves.

Yet, instead of waking up each morning with your to-do list screaming at you, take a step back and breathe. Refocus, and pull out your Bible to spend some quality time with the One who should take priority overall.

In some ways, I believe we should all make an extra effort to be students of the Word. We need to study it, meditate on it and glean lessons from it that we can apply to our daily lives and walks with God.

While I have yet to find one solid, concrete way that works for me in terms of Bible study, here are a few different methods that I am trying.

1. Bible Journaling

Now, when I first heard about this, I was skeptical. I saw all these beautiful, artistic drawings that others had done in their bible and thought, there is no way I could ever be that artistic. The truth of the matter is, though, bible journaling is about WORSHIP. It does not matter if you draw like Picasso, or draw stick figures. All that matters is through this, you are meditating on the scriptures. I have found that Bible's such as the Inspire Bible by Tyndale publishers is great for journaling as it comes with scripture drawings that you can color. Coloring in scriptures can be seen as a relaxing activity, especially after a stressful day. It can also be seen as an act of worship too, as you meditate on the word through coloring.

2. Scripture writing

This is an element of bible study that I am new to. What it entails is copying down the scriptures you study in a journal. The act of copying down scripture is in some ways very similar to Bible Journaling. It gives you a chance to meditate on the meaning of the scriptures you study, while also giving you a chance to ponder how they may apply to your life and walk with God.

3. The Bible App
The Bible app through youversion is one of the best ways to take the Word of God on the go! Let's face it, no matter how "regular" you may be in your morning devotional time, we all have that morning once in a while when we find ourselves rushing out the door and barely making it to work on time. The Bible app is available on most mobile devices, and it also includes plans that you can start that take no more than 10 munites tops to get through each day. Ultimately, it can be a resourceful tool to still get time in with God if you happen to be feeling the time crunch on certain days.

What about you? List some of the ways you enjoy your Bible study, or have found ways to make spending time with God more of a priority, below!



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