Sunday, October 15, 2017

God's extended arm...

In Michelangelo's famous painting found on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Creation of Adam, God is depicted with an outstretched arm reaching toward the hand of Adam.  The truth is that God has never stopped reaching out towards mankind with His great love and grace.  So great was the desire of His heart to reach out to us, to pull us out of the pit of sin, despair and bondage from which we could not escape on our own, that He sent His Beloved Only Son to rescue us.  The salvation He gives us is not earned or deserved, it is not a reward for any thing we have done, it is a pure unmerited gift.  It's grace. It's favor.  It's God's great heart ever reaching out, ever inclined, toward His creation, toward you and I.  All we have to do is believe, reach up, and receive His ever extended arm-receive the gracious gift of His great grace and salvation.

You may be thinking, why I did that years ago!  But, sometimes we can forget, or even take for granted, the lavish gift of God's grace, unearned favor, and salvation.  We can live unaware of the amazing truth that God's heart is still lovingly inclined toward us every moment of every day. His eye is continuously, watchfully on us.  His ear is always and eagerly tuned for the sound of our voice.  We have a Father whose arm is always extended toward us, always ready to pick us up when we fall, to lift us up, to help us. All we have to do is believe, reach up, and receive His ever extended arm.  The same arm that reached down to save you, reaches down to help you, to rescue you, to guide you, and to keep you. Every day.  Always and Forever.

still following,

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