Sunday, September 10, 2017

Until the storm passes by...

I can hear the television news of hurricane Irma's approach to Florida playing quietly in the background as I type.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having a wee bit of much needed rain, but I'm not sure it's enough to help fight the out of control forest fires that are raging in numerous locations in our area.  Houstonians are still reeling from hurricane Harvey that devastated their city just over a week ago.  Facing a whole different kind of storm, within days of one another two young families in our church had freak water pipe breaks in their homes resulting in serious damages. Two young mothers and one single father that I know and love are fighting serious cancer diagnoses.  Storms come in many guises, don't they?

You might be an evacuated Floridian, wondering if you'll have a home to return to.  You might be facing your own frightening medical prognosis.  You may be facing a storm in your marriage, or in your finances.  We could make judgements about who's situation is more serious or who's storm is bigger.  But the truth is, the biggest storm to you is the one you're facing.  Whatever sort of storm that is, no matter the magnitude of your particular storm, no storm is too small for you to seek refuge and shelter in the shadow of God's wings.  In fact, make that your habit. At the first sniff of an ill wind, run to the One Whom you can trust, the One in Whom you can safely place your confidence.  No storm lasts forever, but until it passes by stay in your safe place. He is waiting and willing to be gracious and merciful to you.

still following,

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