Monday, July 3, 2017

Don't Give Up When You Can Use a Lifeline

By: Jenifer Metzger

I have a game on my iPad that I love to play. It's one of these games where you collect certain items, in my case it's fruit, to level up. You get 5 lives to play. If you win the level, you move up. If you lose the level, you lose a life; after losing 5 lives, you have to wait to get more lives. The other night I was playing on my last life. I only had a couple moves left and I was about to lose. I have been stuck on this level for a week and was tired of playing it. Knowing I couldn't beat the level, I was about to just give up. Then I noticed I had a lifeline. I could 'clear a row' to collect a large amount of fruit which would get me much closer to winning. I decided to use my lifeline. I won.

We live life the same way.

We begin to struggle with a situation and we don't see a way out. We are so close to just giving up. Why live for God when everything keeps going bad? Why keep trying to save the marriage when nothing helps? Why keep trying to discipline the kids when they keep disrespecting? Why keep trying at anything when nothing ever goes right?

But we often forget that we have a lifeline.

What's our lifeline? It's God. Instead of fighting on our own, we need to turn to God. He is right there, sitting and waiting for us to call out to Him. He wants to help. When I don't use a lifeline on my game, it is wasted. It's like a gift given to me that I set aside and never open. Friends, God is your gift given to you. Yet we set Him aside and never open the gift.

God gives us another lifeline gift. This lifeline comes in the form of friends, accountability partners, mentors and fellow Christians. It is easy to hold our problems in, think we have to deal with it on our own. Yet when we share our burdens with others, they can lift us in prayer and give encouragement. Years ago I had a friend who was going through a dark time, yet never shared with anyone. Then one day, what seemed to me, out of the blue, she left her husband. Come to find out, there had been horrible issues going on for many years. Had they shared their burden, their Christian family could have been praying for them and helping them.

Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

What are you facing today? Do you feel like you are losing? Do you feel ready to just give up? Use your lifelines! Turn to God. Give Him your burdens and ask for His help. Go to your mentor or accountability partner. Share your burden and ask for prayer on your behalf. Don't let your lifelines sit there unused.

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