Saturday, May 27, 2017

Step Out and Explore


Emily Miller

Summer is here you guys. Even if you all are done with classes you may be stuck in the same place in a relatively unexciting job, with no plans of any summertime adventures written on your calendar.

Even if you may have another "boring" summer ahead, I would encourage you to step out and explore the hidden wonders of your town or city that you may or may not have previously known about. There also may be activities you have previously wanted to try that you have not had time to invest in until now. We are only young, with limited responsibilities on our shoulders for one time in our lives. Let this be the summer of exploration where you discover new things about yourself and the world around you!

Here are a few suggestions I have of how you can personally step out and make the most out of this summer!

1. Join a book club, or pull all the books you want to read of your shelf and designate a new shelf for these books or make a pile in the corner of your room. Head off on new adventures without ever having to leave your house as you watch the pile grow smaller and smaller.

2. If you are a writer, write that book that has been in the back of your mind for ages now! Grab your favorite notebook, pen, and iced beverage and go outside while you let your imagination carry you away as you put pen to paper.

3. Try a new sport or activity that you have been wanting to learn for ages! Or if you are not the most athletic person, go see a local sports team play in your area!

4. If there are historical places in or near the area which you live, make a point to visit these sites. You never know when a piece of your own history may come up when you visit these places.

5. Finally and most importantly, remember to keep investing in your relationship with our Creator. This summer, especially if you find yourself to be without any major plans, can be the perfect time to spend some extra time meditating on what God has to offer us. Maybe even invest in journaling supplies to start bible journaling. It is really a remarkable way of worship when you spend time creating pictures based on scriptures that stick out to you, right in the Bible itself!

So what are you waiting for? Adventure is just around the corner!



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