Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rest for the weary...

Recently, I've heard the words, "I'm just so tired!", from many different people. Everyone has their reason. Each one is different. There are probably as many reasons why as there are people and circumstances.  There are those who are genuinely physically depleted from lack of sleep and rest. Some have children that haven't been sleeping through the night.  Some have a grueling work schedule with long hours.  Some have a calendar bursting with obligations that leave them no time to rest or recreate.  Some are simply not sleeping well.

But then there are those who are more than physically tired.  They are deep down weary.  Again, the reasons vary.  Some have been through a long season of difficulty and trial.  They feel beat down and beat up.  Some are suffering from hope deferred and years of unanswered prayer.  Some have jobs and/or callings that require them to pour out their energy helping others.  Some are broken hearted with concern over a loved one's wrong choices.  Some are just bone weary from the everyday bumps and bruises that result from life in this sin-twisted world.

Whether you are in a place of physical fatigue or deep down soul weariness, and no matter the reason, Jesus offers us rest, relief and refreshing.

REST- The definition of rest includes sleep, freedom from activity or labor, but also peace of mind or spirit.  (Merrium-Webster dictionary) It's wonderful to get a good night's sleep.  It's great to have time off from work and busyness.  But neither of those results in true rest if your mind and spirit are in turmoil.  Jesus wants to give us deep down peace and rest within.

RELIEF-The definition of relief is the removal or lightening of something oppressive, painful or distressing. (Merrium-Webster dictionary) Jesus wants us to come to Him, not just for rest, but for sweet relief.  I think it's natural and right to ask God for relief from whatever is distressing us.  Perhaps He will totally intervene and change your circumstances.  But even if your circumstances don't change right away, He is the burden bearer Who wants to take your heavy load upon His own back.  He never, ever intended His kids to go through life bearing their load alone.

REFRESHING-Some of the words related to refreshing listed in the dictionary,  (Merrium-Webster dictionary), include life-giving and strengthening.  I love the fact that God doesn't just want to give us rest and relief, but He wants to refresh us.  He desires to make us better and stronger than we were before life depleted us.  Jesus wants to pour His life-giving spirit into us and to strengthen us in our inner being,

Our part is simply to come to Him...
to quit trying to cope with everything on our own,
to quit trying to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps,
to quit trying to just suck it up and tough it out...
but to come to Him,
to admit you just can't keep going on in this state of depletion and weariness,
to take the load you're carrying off your back and put it on His,
and to ask Him for the rest, relief and refreshing that only He can give.

Jesus Himself extended the invitation for you to come and offered you His divine exchange of rest for your weariness.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I definitely need to come to Jesus and tell Him I just can't keep going anymore and I need His help.

  2. Thank you for this reminder. I need His rest. <3

  3. The sweetest and most peaceful place of rest.


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