Monday, March 6, 2017

How To Apply the Love Languages

By: Jenifer Metzger

Last week we talked about learning your husband's love language. Today we are going to dive into each of the love languages a bit more. Once you learn your husband's love language, you can find out how to love him in a way he understands.

The five love languages are receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch and quality time. These are the main ways that people see and accept love. Here are a few ideas for each language to help you love your husband.

Receiving gifts.

1. When you are at the grocery store, buy his favorite candy bar.
2. Head to the auto parts store and buy something he could use for his car, like new wiper blades.
3. Buy him a "just because" card and mail it to him at home or the office.
4. Buy a gift card to a fast food restaurant or his favorite coffee shop so he can pick up lunch or coffee while at work one day.
5. If there's a movie he's been wanting to see, buy theater tickets or the dvd.

Words of affirmation.

1. Say I love you every single day, multiple times a day.
2. Tell him that you appreciate him going to work each day.
3. When he does something like put his shoes away, thank him. Even if he does it regularly, he will appreciate knowing that you notice and appreciate the act.
4. When he tells a joke, even if you've heard it a dozen times, laugh and tell him that he is funny.
5. Praise him, especially in front of others.

Acts of service.

1. Make his favorite dinner.
2. If his car is due for an oil change, schedule an appointment for him.
3. If you arrive home before he does each day, get his favorite soda or tea and his favorite snack out and ready for him to have a treat when he gets home.
4. If he is busy, pick up one of his regular 'chores' to help him out.
5. Make sure his work clothes are clean and ready for work.

Physical touch.

1. Hold his hand in the car or at the store.
2. When he is watching tv, snuggle up to him.
3. Give him a massage or foot rub.
4. As you walk by, let your hand gently rub across his back or shoulder.
5. Initiate in the bedroom.

Quality time.

1. When he's talking to you, don't have your eyes glued to your cell phone or laptop.
2. Go with him to his favorite sporting event.
3. Feed the kids an early, easy dinner. Once they are down for the night, have a candle lit, no tv/computer/phone, dinner together.
4. Go for a hand in hand walk together.
5. Date regularly. For you this may be weekly, monthly or every other month. Whatever works best for you and your husband, just commit to doing that.

These are just a few ways to show your husband love with his own love language. Be sure to go to the 5 Love Languages website for the assessment to see what your love language is and have your husband take the assessment to see what his is.

What would you add to the lists?

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