Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stop Reading Your Bible {Link Up}

By: Jenifer Metzger

This past Sunday a family friend and fellow pastor preached at our church. He said 4 words to our church congregation that probably stopped a few hearts for a moment. He said stop reading your Bible. Yep. A pastor actually stood in the pulpit and told the church to stop reading their Bibles.

Then he went on. Instead of reading the Bible, he challenged us to study our Bible.

Such a difference those two words hold, read versus study. We can read our Bibles, read the words from cover to cover, over and over again. Or, we can study our Bible, really dig into it.

So, what's the difference? This is what I have been learning and trying to apply to my life in the past few months.

Read the introduction to each book.

Each book of the Bible has an introduction that gives you insight to the book. It tells you the timeline the book was written, the author, and often has other important information. Before starting a book, be sure to check out that introduction.

Cross reference.

Many Bibles have these tiny center columns with a bunch of numbers. For years, I had no idea what these little numbers meant. As you read your Bible, some verses will have little marks that resemble a footnote. Match that with the verses in the center column. This will lead you to other verses relating to where you are reading.

Utilize your study Bible.

If you have a study Bible, utilize the study tools! If you don't have a study Bible, I highly encourage you to invest in one. I use the NIV Study Bible and every single page has study notes at the bottom. These notes always give great information. They share why an item was used or mentioned or they share customs of that time. Whatever the information is, it is always a great addition to reading and studying God's Word.

Take notes.

Take notes on everything you read. Make notes of verses that stand out to you and the verses you cross referenced that go together. Pray over those verses. When you have questions, ask your mentor or pastor.

Do you just read the Bible? Are you ready to stop reading and start studying? Do you already study your Bible? What are some other tips you have to encourage us to study?

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  1. Amen! Sometimes we treat the Bible the same way we read sales flyers that come in our mailbox!

    1. So true, we do often read the Word as we do a sales flyer. Time to STUDY! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Jenifer, It sounds like an echo of James. Look intently into the perfect law that gives liberty. What a difference when we allow it to transform us!

  3. I think it's important to have a balance. Studying God's Word is so important, but sometimes we do need to step back and just soak in the words on the page.

    1. Heather, so true. We do need a good balance. If all we are doing is reading and not studying, we are not getting all we can from the Word. Yet sometimes we need to just read and soak in. Thank you for stopping in. <3

  4. I read it once referred to as the trowel vs. trough methods - that sometimes you read for overview to get the context and bigger picture, and sometimes you camp out and dig into a smaller passage or section. Both are needed, but you're right, it's so important not to just read, but to read attentively. I've been using a study Bible for the last year, and though I don't agree with every little thing in the study notes, overall they have been a big help in comprehending the passage better.

    1. Good analogy! Yes, sometimes we can read but sometimes we really need to dig in. Thank you for stopping in Barbara!


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