Monday, January 2, 2017

20 Free or Inexpensive Things To Do With Your Spouse

By: Jenifer Metzger

Spending time with your spouse is an important part of marriage. Often we think that means going on elaborate dates. But the truth is, it doesn't have to be a "date" at all. We just need to spend time together. To be together and connect.

Here are 20 free or inexpensive things to do to spend time with your husband.

20 Free or Inexpensive Thing To Do With Your Spouse. #marriage #marriagemonday #husband #wife #date

1. Play cards. My husband and I used to play cards late at night after the kids went to bed. It was always so much fun!
2. Play a board game together. Make it interesting by agreeing that the loser gives the winner a backrub!
3. Do a puzzle. A puzzle is something can last days or even weeks and there's something satisfying about finishing a puzzle.
4. Take dance lessons in your living room by watching YouTube videos.
5. Go for a drive. Take the back roads and talk.
6. Go see a play at the community college. The drama department at community colleges have inexpensive plays. You will be entertained as you support the school.
7. Go for a bike ride.
8. Play tennis or golf. If you don't know how to play, take lessons together.
9. Play video games together. Sometimes after the kids go to bed my husband and I like to play Mario racing together. It's a ton of fun!
10. Cook a meal together. Between adding ingredients, steal some kisses.
11. Visit a museum. Museums can be fun. In our town there are historical homes you can visit where they teach you about historical living.
12. Start a scrapbook. This may not seem like a 'couple' thing to do, but it's a great chance to look over family pictures and reminisce.
13. Go fishing. Even if you don't fish, you can relax next to your husband while he fishes.
14. Go for a walk around the neighborhood and talk.
15. Go to a fast food place and get fries and a soda then talk about your dreams.
16. Visit a flower garden.
17. Visit a historical downtown and window shop.
18. Light some candles, get your favorite snacks and binge watch an old tv show like Highway to Heaven and Murder She Wrote.
19. If you live in the town you grew up in, drive by your old houses, show each other where you lived and share something of your growing up years together. It's great to learn new things about each other.
20. Go on a scavenger hunt. Make each other a list of 10 things to collect at the mall, library or other places. First one to complete the list wins a kiss!

What are your favorite ways to spend time with your husband? Share your ideas in the comments!

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