Monday, October 31, 2016

Thanksgiving in Marriage {Challenge}

By: Jenifer Metzger

As we head into the season of Thanksgiving, we often see people being thankful on social media. We use these next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to share with the world all of the things we are thankful for by sharing something each day that they are thankful for. Of course, their spouse is often on that list.

But today, I want to challenge you to do deeper with this.

Thanksgiving in Marriage {Challenge} Learning to be thankful for our spouse. #marriage #marriagemonday #thanksgiving #thankfulness

Today we are going to commit to spending the next 30 days documenting all of the reasons we are thankful for our husband. So ladies, pause right now and grab a lined piece of paper. At the top, write: "I am thankful for (your husband's name) because:" then number the paper 1 to 30. Put your paper somewhere that you will see daily. Maybe the best place for you is in your Bible or your makeup case. Or display it in your bedroom. If you are extremely forgetful anything like me, you may need to set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to do this task.

If you display your list for your husband to see, this will be a daily blessing for him, to see all of the ways you are thankful for him. But if you choose to not let him see the list, you can use it in a couple of ways. You could frame it and give it to him as a Christmas gift or even a just because gift or maybe this list will be for your eyes only to be a reminder to you in the hard times just how thankful you truly are for your guy.

As we begin to intentionally document the reasons we are thankful for our husband, our love and thanksgiving for him will begin to grow.

So friends, who's in? Comment below and let me know if you are joining us for this challenge.


  1. i will be participating in the challenge i am not married as yet but i am engaged and i think it will be a brilliant practise prior and would be a lovely present to exchange with eachother

  2. Yes! I'm in! We have a board in our bedroom that we occasionally use for little notes to eachother. I will use it and let him see it everyday. Thanks! What a great idea!

    1. Angel, that is great! So glad you will be joining us!

  3. I'm in!! I'm leaving it on our coffee table so I won't forget. So do I do one a day????

  4. This is a great idea to give my husband. Thank you for the challenge.


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