Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Vastness of God

By Debi Baker

As I have enjoyed the ocean this week on our family vacation it amazes me just how big God is!  Sitting on the beach or in the room looking out, I struggle to realize the vastness of God!  He is such a big and mighty God and yet He cares for the small part of this universe that is me!!  It blows my mind that the Creator of the universe knows me by name just as He knows the name of every star in the heavens!  I am still trying to learn that I am special in His eyes!  I am His princess!  That's so hard for me to grasp!

I think one reason I love the beach and ocean so much is because it reminds me that my BIG God is also my own personal Heavenly Father!!

We will be returning home to the Midwest this weekend.  We will miss the beach and the smell of the ocean!  But God willing, we'll return again!

Have a wonderful day!
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