Monday, August 29, 2016

Put Pen to Paper

By: Jenifer Metzger

Every so often I get a card in the mail. These cards don't come for my birthday or Christmas. They aren't from friends far away. They aren't from family members who stay clear of social media and are seeking to connect. These cards are from my husband. He buys a card, writes a sweet note in it, places a stamp on it and sticks it in the mail. One day, he slid a card under the front door after leaving for work. These cards always bring tears of joy to my eyes as he expresses his love and appreciation. They give me that giddy, butterfly feeling of a young girl in love all over again.

Last week we had a bridal shower at our church. We went around the room and each married woman gave our bride-to-be a piece of advice. One friend's advice was to write notes and letters to your husband. I love that advice! It reminded me of my husband's sweet cards.

Put pen to paper and write your husband a letter. #marriage #marriagemonday #wifey #wife

However, the given advice was not only for lovey-dovey notes. Sometimes we need to write notes to our spouse to work through things. There have been times my husband and I communicated through text messages when we were having issues we needed to work out. After first, this really bothered me. But I've come to realize how good it actually is. There have been times I've tapped out a text accusing him or being unkind to him, then before I hit send, I have a moment to decide if that is really what I want to say. Now, I have a moment to go back and fix anything that maybe I shouldn't be saying. When I say the words out loud to him, I don't have that moment to rethink, it's just out there. Sometimes we need to write things out to work through our feelings. We may never even give the letter to our husband. Maybe we just need to work it out ourselves, then we can burn the paper and give the issue to God. If you are facing a hardship with your husband, write a letter to him telling him your feelings. Then pray over it and reread the letter. After praying, do you have the peace to let it go? If so, burn the letter. Or maybe you just need to rewrite it a little nicer, then give it to your husband.

What about the sweet notes? Make a practice of writing your husband short, sweet love notes and love, detailed letters. Share with him why you love him, how much you appreciate him, and how you look forward to the future with him. Even flirt with him a little. He will love it!

Today I challenge you to write a note to your husband. Use a post-it note, index card, card or simply paper. However you do it, just write and tell him that you love him. I promise, it will brighten his day.

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