Thursday, April 14, 2016

Living Opposite

by Debi Baker

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I'm so tired of the negativity that runs rampant in this world.  The sad thing just isn't in the's in the church, too.  Nobody is every happy or satisfied, except for being content with just being a pew sitter.  It seems that some people walk in the front door with an agenda to find anything wrong!  

To be honest, I think many believers think this verse goes:
...whatsoever things are falsewhatsoever things are dishonest
whatsoever things are unjust,  whatsoever things are impure
whatsoever things are unlovely,  whatsoever things are of bad report
if there be any imperfectionand if there be any disapproval
think on these things."

Now, I certainly have NOT arrived and therefore I don't always heed Paul's words.  I'm just as human as everyone else.  But I have truly asked God to help me in this.  I want to see the best of every situation and every person.  I'm tired of negativity!!!  If Christians don't have anything to be positive, then where is the hope for the world???

I pray that the believers of today will take heed of Paul's words.  

In a world of negativity, have a great, positive day!
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