Friday, March 18, 2016

I Find No Fault In You

By: Sarah MacKinnet

"It's your fault! It's always your fault! It's ALL your fault!" How many of us like to hear those words? None of us. How many of us have ever uttered those words to others? Probably most of us. We would rather blame others than take responsibility for our actions. To admit fault means we haven't lived up to another person's expectations. To admit fault means to swallow our pride. Has anyone ever told you they absolutely find no fault in you? Has anyone ever told you that everything you do is perfect and they would put their future in your hands? Most of us have probably never had this experience. As much as we love, trust and value our families and friends, it would be incredibly difficult and unwise to put our total trust in another person. Nobody you know; no matter how kind, compassionate or loyal, is flawless.

However, there is One we can say this about, there is One whom we can boldy state; "No matter where or how you lead me, I find no fault in you. Your ways are righteous and true. No matter if my plans look different than Yours, I find no fault in You. Even if I have to walk through a deep valley or climb a difficult mountain, I find no fault in You." That one, of course, is Christ. After Pontius Pilot met with Jesus, he said to the people, "I find no fault in this man." Can we say this about Christ? Are we so familiar with Him and His ways that we can say with conviction that where ever and how ever He leads us, we find no fault in him? Do we trust Him enough and know the beauty of His character enough to put our future in His hands no matter what that looks like? I recently experienced a deep disappointment. A disappointment that had me doubting myself, my competence and my value. My flesh began to question God, my flesh began wondering how His plan and my plan could be so incredibly different. But then I began to think, "Am I finding fault in Him? Am I saying that my way is better and He doesn't know what He is doing?" I quickly shut down those thoughts. I didn't allow myself to go down the road or anger, doubt and resentment. Because as big as my disappointment was, I still trust fully in His plan for my life.

During this Easter season, I encourage you to wait quietly before the Lord and ask him to help you find your security and and assurance in Him so that you can boldy say, "No matter where or how you lead me, I find no fault in you."


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