Sunday, March 13, 2016

For honor and for beauty...

In Exodus 28 God gives Moses the intricate design details of the garments for Mose's brother, Aaron, who was to be the high priest of the children of Israel.  I find it fascinating that God not only wanted these holy garments to be for great honor, but He wanted them to be beautiful.

John and Stasi Eldridge in their book, Captivating write that Eve was the crowning touch of God's creation. When God created woman, He created her beautiful. In creating Eve, He was unveiling part of the beauty of Who He is.  We too, you and I and every woman God has created, are a reflection of His beauty.  This wonderful Creator, also wants to clothe His beautiful creation. In Proverbs 31:25,  it says that a virtuous woman is clothed in strength and honor.  For every woman hanging her head, feeling ugly, defeated, and worthless, there's a God in heaven reaching down right now to cup your chin in His great hand and to lift your head. He's saying, "Don't live as anything less than my crowning, prized, beloved, beautiful creation. You bear the very stamp of My beauty within you.  Don't treat yourself dishonorably, because I have clothed you with My strength and My honor."

Beauty and honor.  God intended them to go together from the very beginning.  He intended them for us.

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this encouraging post. I've been feeling very sad today about some hurtful things my husband said to me, so when you said that God wants me to lift up my head, that's just what I needed to hear.

    1. Brenda, isn't God so good to know just what you needed? He loves you so much. I pray for His comfort to embrace you.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Thank you once again for a wise post. Being in the medical field and seeing the results of what some women think they "have" to do to look beautiful is really an eye opener. The most beautiful are always the ones with great inner beauty that naturally flows to the outside. There is true beauty and honor in aging naturally. God always knows best.
    God Bless~Addie

    1. Addie, as I age it's interesting how I have to work at embracing myself the way I am changing with age. Realizing that true beauty is seen in what I am, not just what I look like, is a key to doing that.


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