Friday, November 27, 2015

The God Who Sees

Have you ever felt like the underdog? The low woman on the totem pole? Overlooked? Not taken seriously? Invisible, perhaps? If we are honest, we have all felt this way one time or another. And what does it do? Leaves us feeling unworthy, unimportant, discarded, the least of the least. It has the ability to affect our self esteem and speak volumes about who we are. I remember a time walking into a group of women for a Bible Study and nobody said a word to me, not even a simple "hello," or a "nice to have you here." And I wanted to run. Run as far away as I could as fast as I could and never go back. Dramatic maybe, but at the time those feelings were very real.

Going unnoticed is one of the worst feelings in the world. But do you know that your God is El Roi? He is the God who sees. He sees you when you hurt, when you are lonely, when you are celebrating and when you are broken.  He sees you when you feel like nobody else does. Think about David in the Bible, He was overlooked by others, but He was handpicked by God. He wouldn't have been voted "most likely" to succeed or "most popular" by his brothers or the people who knew him. After all, he was just a shepherd boy. But He was chosen to be King because God saw something great in Him. He saw a man after His own heart. He saw something that everyone else overlooked. And the same is true in your story. You may feel invisible, but God sees you. You may feel like you are the "least likely" to do anything of significance, but God see's you and He knows your worth. In fact, the Bible tells us in Zephaniah 3:17 that He takes great delight in us and He celebrates us with songs of joy! To think that He delights in me is too wonderful for words, my human-ness can't even fathom it. He cares about every detail of our lives, even the things that others consider silly or unimportant. He is always keeping watch over you and I.

I take great comfort in knowing that no matter what the world does or doesn't say about me, that I have a God who doesn't take their opinions into account when He looks at me. He doesn't vote with the popular kids about who Sarah is. He doesn't take a poll from the people that know me best and take on their views. He loves me just because that is who He is. And nothing goes unnoticed, we are always in His line of vision. Do you get it yet?  HE SEES YOU! No matter your feelings today, your struggles, your assured, your El Roi, sees you. Not only does He see, He cares. He is ready to work on your behalf. You have the attention of the most high God; what else does that compare with? Oh this gift, too wonderful for words, we thank you Jesus that you see us just as we are and you accept us in our mess. Thank you for seeing me.


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  1. Thanks for this encouraging post. I'm a sub and I often feel alone in the lunchroom when I eat, so it's nice to know that God sees me.


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