Monday, November 16, 2015

Heed His Advice

By: Jenifer Metzger

I am not a fan of drama, at all. Especially in a public setting such as Facebook. A few years ago there was drama on Facebook among two friends, one of whom we went to church with. Normally I am able to turn my head and ignore it. But on this particular day the drama made its way to my Facebook update, even though it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

I ignored it in the beginning but I kept getting these notifications. So I did it, I made a comment. The drama: one person missed church and the other was making accusations as to why. The entire situation was unnecessary. My comment said this: Facebook is not the place for this. We do not care why he missed, we just care that our friend did miss. Well that got the other person fired up. I finally had to just delete my update so it would stop appearing on my Facebook.

Later I told my husband and he told me I should have left it alone. I was instantly upset and offended. In my eyes, I didn't do anything wrong. This person was causing ridiculous drama on my post. How can my husband tell me to let it be? But I didn't want to cause an argument with him so I just didn't respond, I sat there upset.

After awhile God spoke to me. Whether or not my husband was right, I need to be willing to listen to his advice. I should always trust my husband's advice. He is the head of our home, my spiritual leader. If I can't trust him in the smaller things like ignoring Facebook drama, how can I trust him in more important life issues? Even more importantly, I should be able to trust God to lead my husband. Instead of getting upset with him, I should have fully listened to him, maybe had a conversation about what he thinks I should do if this were to come up again.

Our husbands may not always have the perfect advice, the point is that we listen to them and take their points into consideration. Talk about it. Work it out.

Are you willing to listen and heed your husband's advice? When he tells you what he thinks is the right thing, are you going to get defensive and argue or will you be ready to listen and accept it?

*Today's article is an edited repost from 2012...because sometimes I need the reminder too.


  1. This is why I got off Facebook, as best as a writer can. I couldn't stand the drama-among Christians!

  2. Good advice. I'm afraid I don't always heed it, and like you in the instance above I get frustrated. I need to be more teachable.


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