Monday, November 23, 2015

3 Keys To Being A Good Listener

By: Jenifer Metzger

We all know that one of the keys to marriage is communication. Though we think communication is talking with our mate, it is actually two fold. Talking is very important, but just as important is listening.

How can we be a good listener to our husband? The next time your husband speaks to you, try these tips:

  1. Stop! Whatever you are doing, stop. While we women pride ourselves on being multi-taskers, the truth is, it is hard to truly give undivided attention to our husband when we are doing something else at the same time. Pause what you are doing so that you can pay attention to him. This lets him know that you value him as a person and you value what he is saying to you. If whatever you are doing absolutely cannot wait, respectfully ask your husband if he could please give a few minutes to finish your task so that you give him your full attention.
  2. Look! Give your husband eye contact. Look at his eyes when he is speaking. It is hard to know if someone is truly listening to you if they are looking at the tv, down at their cell phone or across the room. Think about when you are speaking to someone and they are not looking at you. It makes you feel as they are not fully listening, maybe even makes you feel worthless? Look at his eyes. This lets him know you are paying attention to him and it makes a connection between the two of you,
  3. Listen! Pay close attention to your husband. Whether he is telling you his hopes, dreams and plans, or simply sharing a story from work -even if you have heard it before, pay attention to him. Be intentional about not just hearing him, but truly listening to the words coming out of his mouth and the heart behind them. Nod occasionally. After he speaks, ask him questions if you need to. Even if you've been married many, many years, when you truly listen to your spouse, you can learn so much about them. Listen with your ears and your heart.
What are other ways you can be a good listener to your husband?

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