Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Constant Flow of Joy

by Robin McKay

“Always be joyful”
1 Thes. 5:16


I’m serious!  How are we supposed to ALWAYS be joyful?  To rejoice in and over ALL things?  That isn’t even realistic—is it?

[I feel like I am on the cusp of understanding something BIG...not there yet, but getting closer—and I love it!  Bring me even closer, Lord Jesus, closer to understanding—closer to You and to Your heart!]

What if we began seeing things through God’s eyes?
What if we made His view our habit?

I only know God’s heart in part.
I know Jesus but not really well.

What if I truly lived learning God and studying Jesus!

“If you knew me, you would know my Father also.”  
John 8:19

Now don’t over think this.  Let’s keep it simple...

The Bible tells me how God feels about most things—and it is good to know. 
Knowing God, knowing how He sees things. 
Knowing Jesus, knowing how He responded to things.
We can only know in part (1 Co. 13:12)—but we. can. know!

God’s word shows us how to see through God’s eyes.

God rejoices in His creation—so should I.
God rejoices in His Beloved—so should I.
God blesses the broken-hearted, the poor, the weak—the one knowing he needs a Savior—so should I.
God overlooks no one—nor should I.
God pours Himself out—so should I.

God cares.
God shows compassion.
God meets with me. [That one alone stops me in my tracks—every time!]
God exalts the humble.
God blesses the servant and places him at the front of the table.

Why should I rejoice?
How can I always be joyful?

Think on those things—Think on these things...

God sees me worthy of His Son!
...worthy of His attention...
...worthy of His creating....

In and of itself that should cause me to break out in songs of thanksgiving continually.

That God hears every prayer, stores every tear, binds every hurt, fulfills every need, provides every provision…What can I rejoice in—If. Not. That!

Lazy thinking leads to lazy thanksgiving which lessens my joy.

Don’t be robbed of joy!
See through His eyes.

Don’t settle for the worlds view—go for His!  It is higher.  It is clearer.  It is surer.  It is offered freely for all who profess Jesus as Lord.

How can I be joyful always?
By remembering who I am in Christ!

My soul is untouchable!  It is safe.  I am safe.  For all of us living insecurely—there’s your security!

Look at the source of your joy.  If it is based in self and the flesh’s needs and wants being will always be fickle and temporary. 

If the LORD—His Glory and His Kingdom—is the wellspring of your joy...that well is constant and can never run dry.  

There’s the difference if it’s sometimes or always...forced or flowing. 

What is the source of your joy?  What is the foundation of its flow?

[Definitely still wrapping my mind around all of this. But I think the secret behind "rejoice always" is different from what I always thought—and involves a lot less striving!]


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