Saturday, September 26, 2015


The most gracious people I know are those most aware of grace! 

We are surrounded by grace. 

Grace has . . . 
kept us
hedged us
grown us
warned us
moved us
allowed us to fall
and caught us when we did. 

Grace is the only reason each one of us is here now, in this place, talking Jesus. 

The woman who lavished Jesus’ feet with her perfume and her tears loved and honored Him more than his dinner host because she was most aware of her need.  And it was her need that ushered the grace that redeemed her.  The host didn’t even offer Jesus a basin of water.  There was no honor—no love—because there was no awareness of need. 

I have needs that can only be filled by an awareness of grace! 
Everywhere, all around, in each moment.

Years ago, I found this post-it note in my young daughter's handwriting:

By Grace Alone
I Need
By Grace Alone

She knows more than her Mama!

New Christians need to learn the true meaning of grace.  
Long time Believers could learn a thing or too as well.  

Wounded, damaged, sin-laden lives must be told they are welcome at the feet of Jesus . . . just like that woman before them. 

Those who carry the most baggage need to realize this truth to grace—that it's a load lifter!
No judgment!
No condemnation!
No rejection!
Not from those who claim to carry His name and His cross!

The more I recognize grace, the more—I believe—I will be remembered for extending it.

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