Monday, August 3, 2015

A Wise Investment

By: Jenifer Metzger

We hear the word investment a lot. We invest in things that are going to be around a long time, things that are going to benefit us in the future. Many people invest in things such as retirement plans and big purchases like a home.

But what about investing in your marriage?

Your marriage is important. It's going to be around a long time, till death do you part, so why not invest?

Investing in your marriage is the wisest of investments that you could make. But how do we invest in our marriage?

  • Pray. Pray regularly for your marriage. We know God hears our prayers. Pray for your husband, pray that God would help you as a wife, pray for your connection, your relationship, your intimacy, your communication, for every single area of your marriage.
  • Date. Part of investing in your retirement is putting money back on a regular basis. Investing in your marriage means dating on a regular basis. You need that one on one time with your mate to connect in every way.
  • Damage control. When you invest your money in stocks, you keep an eye on that investment and if you see things are going bad, you make adjustments. Keep an eye on your marriage. If you feel things are not going well in one area, make adjustments and work on it. You wouldn't just sit back and watch your money slip away so don't sit back and let your marriage suffer.
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