Friday, July 3, 2015

Freedom of the Family

By Angie Ketcham

This year, as we celebrate the freedom of this great nation, I have to say my heart is a bit heavy.  After a week of watching the desemination of traditional marriage last week (disclaimer:  this not about any ill feelings to the LBGT community) and the power that 5 people have over the direction my life and future generations might take,  I feel a strong attack on the family.  I'm not talking about the decisions of the courts, because why would I expect them to make choices based on what the Bible says?  I'm talking about the ambivalence within the walls of my home.

I know we have been a bit spoiled in America, being "free" to voice our beliefs and having very little opposition and repercussions because of it.  I know that I have taken for granted that everyone must feel the same way about life as I do because it's the "right" thing.  My ability to voice my opinion has not put me in prison or caused an outcry.  As a matter of fact, I have made little difference in the public arena (except within the walls of my church) at all and have settled for that.  

And while I have enjoyed the comforts that "freedom" has given me, something has changed.  I watch even my own children make choices that are culturally acceptable, but, by no means, biblical.  I am saddened by my children's unenthusiastic attitude when it is time to go into the house of the Lord or related activities.  I see such a contradict from what we say is happening and what is actually taking place (i.e. daily devotions every morning).  I cringe at the movie or t.v. series selection MY OWN CHILDREN are discussing with each other.  When did you ever see that and when did you feel it was all right to comprise your thoughts to take in such things?

Ladies, I have become enraged at the subtlety of deception taking place in and around me!  I have no one else to blame but myself.  As singer and songwriter, Carmen, wrote this week on Facebook regarding the Supreme Court decisions, "We don't want our freedoms bad enough".  The LBGT community knows what they want, they are united, and they are staking their claim!  As Christians we have fallen asleep with our busy lives and church agendas.  We have forgotten that we have a responsibility to risk it all!    When we accepted Christ into our lives we became "dead to sin" and "crucified with Christ", as Paul wrote.  We no longer had the rights and freedoms that our "country" has given us.  We are all Christ's!  And yet, we live.  Not us, but Christ living in us.  We are under Christ.  And it is only through Christ that we will find true freedom.  Not as the government dictates to us.  Not by being given more "rights".  By sacrificing our comforts and risking it all to love others and live as Christ.

This year, we will be together as a family, to celebrate the holiday.  Our family looks a lot different this year than in years past.  It hurts my heart to think that some that were there will not be there as we celebrate this year.  I just pray that, as we celebrate the freedoms of this great nation, that we will wake up and begin to live in Christ's freedom and that we set our priorities in the right place as Christ's coming draws near.


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