Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where does our help come from...

by:  Debi Baker

"My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth."
Psalm 121:2 NIV

This world has nothing to offer us in the way of comfort.  The world would tell us to find comfort in this or that...probably none of which would be a comfort at all.  The only TRUE comfort that can be found is that which comes from above.  

I remember when my children were little and if one of them would fall and skin their knee, no amount of comfort could be found in the arms of anyone but me.  Mama was the only one that could kiss it and make the hurt go away.  Well, guess what?  Our Father in Heaven is only one that can kiss our hurts and make them go away.  We fall...a lot...with the world constantly at us pulling us this way or that.  We will fall, because we are not perfect.  We will fall, because we are fallible human beings.  And when we do fall, we must run to God.  He will pull us into His chest and comfort us.  He will dry our tears.  He will 'kiss our boo-boos' and make them all better!  

Remember...the world has nothing to offer us in the way of TRUE comfort.  All the world can do is take our eyes off where they should be...on God.  When we take our eyes off God and elsewhere for comfort, we will be fooled into thinking this or that is where our comfort comes from.  Nothing the world tries to offer will give us TRUE comfort.  

Trusting in God for everything gives us a peace that cannot be found elsewhere.  Even in the midst of trials and troubles, joy and peace will be ours when we are trusting in God and looking to Him for our comfort!

What are you struggling with today?  Have you been seeking comfort in the arms of this world?  Why not take some time and rest in the arms of your Heavenly Father?  

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