Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Beautiful Mind

By: Kasey Johnson

Happy Scripture Sunday!

For many of us we will spend time today reading scripture with our church family but I'm so glad you're here as well! I hope your Sunday is wonderful and full of blessings - let's dig in!

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind
controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.- Romans 8:6

 I don't know if it's because I'm a woman or because I teach middle school - but people's desire for physical beauty seems to be an almost constant reality. When I stand in the check-out lane I can almost feel the eyes of beautiful people staring at me from the cover of magazines. Physical beauty is such a tricky topic to define. Actually - it's impossible. Each of us is unique and beautiful in the eyes of our Creator and the people who love us. Sometimes that's hard to except - but it's true. Our outer beauty won't be perfected until we reach Heaven's gate.

 So while we're here on earth it's a great idea to keep our physical bodies in shape and healthy, but maybe we should focus our energy on keeping our emotional and mental state in shape too. Bill and Pam Ferrell wrote a book, "Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti" . In it they provide a fantastic visual of how men and women think, process and respond to situations. Picture a waffle with its compartments and perfectly aligned squares. Compare that to a big plate of spaghetti with its noodles intertwined and chaotic.

How does your mind work? Are you a waffle or spaghetti? Do you carry events from work home with you or are you able to leave situations behind and focus on the people in front of you?

One is not better than the other. Both "waffle" and "spaghetti" thinkers are important. However, what our world really needs is women who have minds that are controlled by God's Spirit. This month's scripture makes it clear. When the Holy Spirit controls a person's mind they enjoy life and peace.

This kind of life doesn't automatically happen. What are the top 3 issues/topics in the forefront of your mind? Whether it's work, family or finances we can make this scripture a reality when we decide who and what is truly in control of our mind.

One of my favorite language arts lessons to teach is cause and effect. Sometimes I ask my students to write if...then statements and start with real life scenarios. These kinds of statements can be very helpful when determining who is really in control of our mind.

If I'm focused on the situation...then my energy will be spent trying to control it.
If I'm focused on God...then my energy will be spent listening to Him.
If I'm stressing over my to-do list...then my energy will be spent completing it.
If I'm focused on the people in my energy will be spent doing things that strengthen my relationships and in turn create a fulfilled life.
If I try to control my thoughts and worries on my own...then I will fail.
If I surrender my fears to the Lord...then He will bring me peace.

We have a choice everyday to have life and peace or have worry and fear. It's okay to think about things and make plans - but how much better to have the Spirit leading our thoughts?

Let's be an example to this stressed-out, over-scheduled world. Let's show them a NEW way of thinking. A beautiful mind becomes a reality when we allow the Spirit to be in control. To God be the glory - He is doing GREAT things!


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