Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Golden Rule

by Debi Baker

"12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..."
Matthew 7:12 NIV

"31 Do to others as you would have them do to you."

Luke 6:31 NIV

The Golden Rule.  Something that seems so simple in reality is so difficult.  Why is it so difficult?  Because it is contrary to our nature.  Before the fall, I believe that it would have been the norm for us to live by these 2 verses.  But everything changed when sin entered the world.  Our human nature is no longer one of giving to others; no longer is it natural to want to treat others well.  We want our own way; we want others to treat us like queens while we treat them like servants.

Jesus told us to do to others what we want them to do to us.  It's hard to treat someone with respect that treats you like dirt.  It's hard to offer to help someone that NEVER helps anyone else.  But, I also know that as we work at keeping the commands of the Lord, He will bless us.  As I treat that one with respect that never respects me or anyone else, I know that I know that I know that eventually they will change their attitude and inch by inch we will begin to see a new person arise.  They probably won't even realize it themselves.  

How do I know this will happen?  Because God's word is true!  I know that God blesses those that bless others.  I know that when I treat someone else the way I want to be treated I am pleasing God.  I know when I show respect to someone else, the Lord smiles.    

So, ladies, today I challenge you today!  I challenge you to strive to treat that one you really don't like...the one that is mean to you...with the utmost respect.  Give them the kind of treatment YOU WANT!!  They may notice, but chances are they won't.  Then, tomorrow, do it again.  Keep doing it.  Even if you don't see any change right now, keep on doing it...treating them the way you want them to treat you.  I promise you, God is ever faithful and one day...sooner or will have a totally different relationship with that person!!!

Have a blessed day working the Golden Rule!

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