Monday, February 23, 2015

Setting An Example of Marriage

By: Jenifer Metzger

My oldest daughter is 17 now. It is possible that in a few short years she will marry.

{Oh boy! Give me a second to catch my breath and wipe my tears...Ok, I'm, no wait....Ok, now I am back.}

Recently I've been thinking about what I've taught her about marriage.

Honestly, we haven't spoken a lot about marriage. We've talked about it some, but not a lot. Yet, I am still teaching her about marriage. I am teaching her in my every day life. In the words I say, the actions I have, the attitude I project, the way I care for my home and family, the way I treat my husband. Oh yes. I am teaching her each and every day.

Your daughter will want to be a wife like you. Your son will want to marry a woman like you. Are you setting the right example? #marriage #motherhood #parenting #parenthood #family

As wives and mothers, we need to remember that we have young eyes watching and listening to us. We need to understand that we are setting the example right now for our sons and daughters to follow. Our daughters are going to want to be wives and mothers like us. Our sons are going to want to marry a lady like us. It doesn't matter if your child is 7 or 17, they are learning.

I can honestly, and sadly, say that sometimes my example hasn't been good. I've yelled at my husband. I've been lazy about housekeeping. I've grumbled about picking up after my husband. I've messed up big time. I am miles and miles from being the perfect wife.

Through my mess ups, I am showing my daughter how to be real. How you learn from your mistakes and move forward. How you apologize when you are wrong. And how to strive to be the best wife you can be, the wife God called you to be. And when I am doing good, I am showing her the right way to be the wife God called me to be. The right way to treat my husband and care for my family.

Be aware of the example you are setting for your children. And when you mess up, and you will, make sure your children see you setting it right. Even if it is swallowing your pride and apologizing. Set the example they need.

 What example are you setting?

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