Monday, January 26, 2015

What Do Razors, Sharpies and Sticky Notes Have in Common?

By: Jenifer Metzger

What do razors, sharpies and sticky notes have in common?

What do razors, sharpies and sticky notes have in common?   #marriage #womansministry

My marriage.

Sometimes my husband and I argue have growth opportunities over the silliest things. Let me explain. In our home, I am the one who does the shopping. If we need something, everyone tells me and I put it on my list.

My husband cannot stand to use a dull razor to shave his face. We all know if a razor is dull, it doesn't do it's job and can even be painful. He always argues that he told me he needed new razor heads. I argue that he did not. Considering my husband only shaves on Sunday morning, twenty minutes before we need to leave for church, that is a recipe for a bad Sunday morning, just let me tell you!

This razor discussion is a bad one for us. He gets angry that I "forget" to get what he needs and I get angry that he blames me for forgetting when I know he hasn't told me.

Two years ago we had a horrible razor discussion. Sisters, it was bad! It lasted all day Sunday and followed into Monday. He mumbled about it all day and I was cranky because of it. As I said, my husband only shaves on Sunday morning. So I told him I would get new razor heads when I went to the store at the end of the week. But that didn't stop his grumbling. I finally got so frustrated I left the house in a huff and headed to Walmart.

I left intending to buy 1 package of razor heads. But when I got there I was so upset that I went overboard. I bought 4 packages, which gave him 16 razor heads. Without a word to him, I walked in the door, went straight to my desk and took out my sharpie and sticky notes. I took the first 3 packages and numbered them with the sharpie, 1, 2, and 3. Then I took a sticky note and wrote the following: "I am your LAST package of razor heads. Please remove me from my box and put me INSIDE your loving wife's purse so that she KNOWS you are low on razor heads and she can purchase some more of my friends when she goes to the store next," and taped the note to the 4th box.

The note and razor heads were never mentioned. About 12 months later I opened my purse to find the note I wrote. I smiled. For 12 months we hadn't argued about razors. And he followed the note to ask me to get him more and I did, putting a fresh note on the new box. Razor problem solved! We have now have a system that works and keeps everyone happy.

Your marriage issue is probably not razors. And no, not all marriage issues can be solved with sharpie markers and sticky notes. But you can find your solution. You can find a way to work out problems.

Find what it is you and your husband argue about, sit down and work out a solution. Maybe it's a dry erase board posted where you can write reminders and notes to each other. Possibly sitting down together for 5 minutes each day to discuss family activities. Or maybe it is planning date nights more often. There is a solution. It's just waiting to be found!

What is your razor, sharpie and sticky note situation? What solution do you think you can find?

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  1. What a great way to solve a problem and so simple. If we would all look for a simple problem solver as you did. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.


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