Monday, December 15, 2014

For the Gamer's Wife...

Does your play video games? Does it bother you?

My husband goes through phases. He plays video games regularly for a few months, then he tires of it and won't play for a few months. He is on his gaming phase right now.

I realized something one night while he was playing; I love when he plays video games!

Yep, you read right. I love when my husband plays video games. Why? Because I get to enjoy his happiness. I get to hear his laughter. I get to see him bonding with the kids. I get to snuggle next to him with a book as we both do something we enjoy.

Now, the video games my husband plays are family friendly and he plays with the kids. Our family loves Mario and sports games. It becomes a family activity, a time to bond and laugh together.

Does your #husband play #videogames? Here's some encouragement for the gamer's wife! #marriage

Is your husband a gamer? There are several types of gaming here.

  • First, we have the the kind like my husband. The one whose games are clean and friendly and it is a family affair. If this is your husband, embrace it! Enjoy it! Love it! Even play a game with your husband. My husband and I enjoy playing the old time Mario games when the kids go to bed. It becomes a date of sorts.
  • Second, we have the gamer who plays with his buddies. There is nothing wrong with this gamer. Just like your husband, you want time away to do things with your friends from time to time. This is his way of getting that time. If it becomes a problem in the family, where he is gone with his gaming buddies more than home, simply talk to him. Work out a schedule where he can get that time away occasionally.
  • Third, we have the gamer who plays games that might be inappropriate. If this is your husband, first pray over him. Lay hands on his gaming system and pray that God would allow only clean things to come out of it. Then talk to him in a calm way. Explain that you want your home to be Christ centered. Ask him if he could find games that are family friendly. If your husband is not yet a believer, spend extra time in prayer before going to him. If he balks at first, simply go back to prayer, don't push him.
Whatever type of gamer your husband is, don't nag him, embrace him.

Does your husband game?

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