Thursday, December 4, 2014


by Debi Baker

"28 Gabriel appeared to her and said, 'Greetings,
favored woman! The Lord is with you!'"
Luke 1:28 NLT

I love the Christmas Season!  I love that it's a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, even though it's not His actual birthday!  I love the lights and sounds of Christmas!  It's an amazing time of year!  Most of the time, people smile at others and are often more polite.  Yes, there are times when the hustle and bustle of the season get the best of some, but I find that most seem ... happier!

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That being said, I've been reading the Christmas story in the Bible as I prepare my sermons for the next couple of weeks.  The verse standing out to me today is Luke 1:28.  How amazing to have the angel, Gabriel, appear to Mary and give her a message!  Not just any message but a message from the Father.  We must remember that Mary was not a 'woman' by today's standards.  She was a mere teen, probably around 14 years old.  And God sends her a message telling her she is favored!!  The word 'favored' means preferred; favorite; chosen.  God's message to Mary was that she was CHOSEN!  She had been chosen by the Father for a very special be the earthly mother of our Lord and Savior!  And God reminded her through Gabriel that He was with her!  

I think of the thoughts that must have gone through Mary's mind...fear, excitement and a myriad of other feelings and thoughts.  And I think of how she so graciously accepted what God called her to do...knowing that she was likely to be shunned by everyone...including those closest to her!  Mary could have told Gabriel that she was honored to be chosen but that she declined the assignment, but she didn't!  Like the favored child of God that she was, she accepted and prophecy was fulfilled with the birth of Jesus!

I would like to believe that I am favored of God.  He has chosen me to fulfill a task that I'm not sure I can do...but, like Mary, I accepted His call and as a result, lives are being changed and people are being set free!  I'm not saying I am anything like Mary!  I would never presume that we are alike, only that I am a willing vessel to be used by God as He sees fit.  I am a child of the Most High God!  And as His child, I trust that He knows what is best for me, even when I sometimes think He has to be off His rocker!  {{smiles}}  I praise the name of my Father in Heaven; I feel that I am favored...chosen...because He sees something in ME that I don't see in myself!  

You, precious one, are favored of God!  He has chosen you for such a time as this!  Say yes to what He is calling you to do!  He may not be calling you to mother the Lord, but He is calling you to do what He knows you can do!  You are favored!

Have a blessed week,

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