Friday, November 7, 2014

Giving The Gift of Gratitude To Our Children

By Angie Ketcham

The holiday season is already upon us.  Time for the hustle and bustle of family and loved ones.  Time for the eating of much food and being reminded of the many blessings that we are given in this great country that we live in.  But this time of the year can quickly become a time of greediness and grumbling for our little ones as expectations are not met and over-stimulation of the senses are easily achieved through all the activities that we try to "fit in" our schedules.  This time of the year it's important to take time to teach our children the attitude of gratitude.  Although a large portion of what they learn about gratitude will come through watching their examples, we can still actively encourage them to put into practice the art of gratitude.  Starting with the Word of God and then learning to put others above ourselves, we can build a solid foundation towards an attitude of Gratitude.  I've created a calendar to help guide you through the month of November and on into the Holiday month of December:
Links to projects:
Tree of Thankfulness
Turkey of Thankfulness
Operation Shoebox

Join me as we help our children develop an attitude of gratitude this holiday season.


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