Friday, October 31, 2014

They Are Watching

As mom's we have to have eyes in the back of our head. Always watching what the kids are doing. Always aware of our surroundings should someone fall off the couch or hurt themselves playing with something they shouldn't.

Have you ever thought that maybe you're being watched too?

Think about where your role model came from on how to be a mother, a good wife. Was it your mom? Maybe a grandmother? Maybe a best friend. You watched this role model bring up her children and are now mimicking her in raising your own children.

Maybe you didn't have a very good role model and you're learning how to raise your kids from "scratch" so to speak.

Now look at your children. They are watching you. Every single thing you do, from worshiping to cooking dinner to communicating with your husband. They are watching.

They are watching. #parenting #motherhood #children #raisingkids

I want my daughter to have a good role model to watch as she grows up in this dark world. I want to equip her with the tools she will need to be a successful child of God. Mostly I fail, I fly off the handle when my anger gets the best of me. When I'm tired and I don't want to play, when I get frustrated with her father and lose my temper. I fail and I know she's watching.

That's the great thing about God though. We don't have to do this on our own. We do the best we can with what He's given us then He takes over the rest. We only have to trust that as our children grow, He's working on their hearts while we nurture and love them.

Your children are watching, are you being a good role model for them?

Just some things I've been thinking about lately.

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