Monday, October 20, 2014

Pure Eyes, Clean Heart {Part 2}

*Warning: Today's subject has to do with p*rn. You may wish to not read with the little ones over your shoulder.

Last week we discussed how p*rnography hurts. This week we will continue our conversation...

The statistics are terrifying. Too many are struggling with this horrible evil known as p*rn. And sadly, too many think it's okay. We justify our sins by saying things like, all men do it, it's not actually touching someone, I know other Christians who do it and are okay with it, and the Bible doesn't say not to.  But all we are doing is making ourselves feel okay about the wrong we are doing.

Matthew 5:28 tells us, But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Looking at p*rn is looking lustfully at a woman, therefore it is committing adultery according to the Word of God. 

Dealing in p*rn is also a self-control issue. We need to control our emotions, desires and urges. When we marry, we are fully committing to our spouse for life. This means when we have desires and urges s*xually, we need to control our self until we can turn to our spouse.

It all goes back to the heart. Are we seeking a closer relationship with God? If so, we need to remove anything that blocks our path to Him. P*rn definitely blocks the path to God.

Craig Ferguson says in his new book Pure Eyes, Clean Heart, "If I am going to lead my wife and kids, I must first allow myself to be led by God. It's not that I'm going to be sinless or never make a mistake. But I want to cultivate the desire to be pure and to live according to God's will, not my own cravings."

Pure eyes, clean heart. #porn is a horrible evil. One family shares their struggle of overcoming it. #pureeyescleanheart #pureeyes

Pure Eyes, Clean Heart is an amazing resource for any couple who has or is struggling with this addiction -or any addiction. Craig and Jennifer Ferguson share their own personal journey and real encouragement to break the chain of p*rnography. If you, your spouse or a friend is struggling, please check this book out. Let's break those chains and change those horrify statistics!


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