Monday, October 27, 2014

A False Marriage Statement

Marriage is a partnership of two people. It takes a committed man and a committed woman to make the marriage work.


Marriage takes more than two people.

It takes the Trinity.

In A Lifelong Love, author Gary Thomas says this:
Many of you are frustrated in your marriages because you try to live as if the Trinity isn't part of the equation. You keep asking something of your spouse and rarely get it:
"Listen to me more."
"Talk to me more."
"Help out more."
"Have s*x with me more often."
When was the last time you asked something of God's Holy Spirit? "Help me to love more. Help me to listen more. Renew my heart. Give me strength. Help me forgive..."
If we don't fill up the coffee maker with our coffee grounds and water, it will not make coffee. If we don't fill the gas tank in the car, it won't go. If we don't charge our cell phone battery, it will die. In the same way, we must fill our marriage with God.

A #marriage takes more than two people...

Thomas also says, "We can keep trying to draw from an empty well, trying to transform our marriages by asking our stubborn or unfeeling spouses to meet our needs, or we can ask the God who promised to "pour out" His Spirit on all who seek Him for what they need."

We need to stop trying to do marriage on our own. Stop trying to make it work alone. We need to bring the Holy Spirit back into the equation.

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