Monday, September 15, 2014

When He Falls

There is something you need to know: your husband will fall. At some point, at multiple points, in your marriage, your husband will mess up. He will do something wrong. He will goof up, fall back to a bad habit, fall to temptation, he will fail.

We are human, failure will come.

The thing is, when he does fall, the very last thing he needs is his wife pointing it out. He doesn't need her standing over him mocking him, putting him down, telling him the famous I-told-you-so, or dragging him through the dirt. Likely, he already feels the pain of his mistake.

What does he need? He needs for his wife to help him back up.

Be on the same page. #marriage #wife #husband

Be there for him. Let him lean on you. Make sure he knows you are still there for him. Love him. And most importantly, pray for him.

No matter what his failure, commit to helping him back up.


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