Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pray, Believe, Receive

by:  Debi Baker

"24 you can pray for anything, and if you
believe that you've received it, it will be yours."

Mark 11:24 NLT

This is one of the verses I used on a recent Wednesday night.  I've read it thousands of times but God, being the timely God that He is, opened my eyes to it during that service.  Jesus is speaking...telling us that we can pray for anything...the salvation of a loved one, a restful night's sleep, etc...and if we will believe that we have it...IT WILL BE OURS!!!  Sweet ladies, that's like a free pass...God is just waiting for us to pray our prayers, believe them and call them as He can bless us!

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We are starting a revival next week and this verse is one that I am clinging to for many salvations and life changing events!!!  Now, don't take the verse too far.  We need to be diligent and faithful to pray the right kinds of things.  In other words, don't go praying to be a millionaire, believe that you are and expect God to answer.  Perhaps He would, but I believe that these kinds of prayers are to be the prayers of God's people for the benefit of all and not for 'me.'  

More than life itself, I want my mama to be pain free!  That wonderful woman has had pain every single day of her life since 1969.  Can you imagine never being pain free!  I am praying for pain free days for her.  I believe that she will call me one afternoon and say, 'Guess what?  I haven't had any pain all day!!'  So I know, because Jesus has said it is so, that it will happen.  And I can't wait for that day!  There are many other things in my life that I am praying for and believing they are done...even calling them as done.  One thing God can NOT do is lie, so if He said it is so...IT IS SO!!!

Today, pray your prayers a little differently.  Pray with a sense of completion.  Pray and believe it is done.  And when you are done...confess that it is so.  Even when you don't see the it done and don't go back to 'wishing' for it.  Be confident that God has heard and answered!!

Have a blessed, prayer answered day!!

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