Friday, September 12, 2014

Fear Not!

Fear Not!  By Angie Ketcham

My apologies for deviating from the series I began last week on prayer, but, considering this week was the anniversary of 9/11, I felt prompted to tackle another subject that none of us can get away from: fear.

I remember the day like it was just yesterday.  My children were about 1 ½ and 3 years old at the time.  My kids didn’t sleep well at that age, so I took advantage of mornings by sleeping in while the kids were asleep.  I had just rolled out of bed around 9:30 and was heading downstairs to get the kids breakfast.  My husband, who had already been at work for a couple hours, called me and asked me if I had seen the news.  I said no, but as we were talking about “the accident”, the second plane hit the building right there before my very eyes!  The impact of the event unfolding before me still had not sunk in.   As a matter of fact, it took several days for the reality of the event to manifest its “effect” on me.  My mind kept wandering back to another significant event that had taken place just a few short years before that.  Columbine.  With the creation of 24/7 coverage of this catastrophic event, I had been exposed to a level of evil I never thought was possible and now I was bringing children into this scary world!  I became gripped with fear, unable to sleep at night, waking with anxious thoughts and unstoppable tears for the families of the victims and the future of my babies.  And then 9/11.  Once again, my mind was held captive with fear, as I watched over and over again, the planes crashing one by one by one by one.  There were days of interviews by eye witnesses and pictures and funerals and memorials.  With each one, my heart grew more fearful, and fear overcame me as I had never known.

So, today, I thought about all that has happened since then, and all the mommas out there that might be experiencing this kind of fear for the first time and I wanted to say this….Fear Not!  That’s right, Fear Not!  What I have come to realize is that I am not here by accident.  God has put me here in this time and He has given me everything I need to make it.  He knows when it’s my time to go and I will not go a minute sooner than my time!  He knows my weaknesses and He will meet me where I’m at.  If ever I need to be strong, He is with me.  He promises.  And I will not fear death, because one moment absent from this earth is one minute sooner I will see my Jesus face to face.  His Word says over 110 times that I should not fear, and when the devil comes to put that fear in my mind, usually with irrational fears at that, I stand upon God's Word.  I declare He is a strong fortress and I can rest knowing that my God will not allow one thing to happen to me or my family that is not in His timing.  I do not have to be afraid of the things that I see on that TV (which needs to be turned off, by the way-Philippians 4:8) because no media reporter can see what God’s plans are.  Things might look bleak from their point of view, but my God has a different report and He tells me, “DO NOT FEAR”!  Read God’s Word and take your God given promises.  Stand up and fight this earthly fight knowing that God is on your side! 

One more thing…I have also learned that fear is transferable.  When momma is afraid, her babies learn fear through her.  Teach your children that they have authority in this sin-sick world and that no weapon formed against them shall prosper!  Teach them that God hears our prayers and He answers our call.  They have no need to fear, for whatever comes their way, God has already given them what they need to overcome.  Memorize scripture promises from the Word with your children so they get it deep down in their hearts.  Find books that remind them that God is in control.  It’s never too early to begin to instill God courage into their lives.  You will be glad you did!

Psalm 27:1
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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