Monday, August 11, 2014

Be His Wife

By: Jenifer Metzger

When your husband married you, he received a gift. The gift of you. God created man to appreciate a woman's body and be attracted to it. Marriage is like God giving him the 'ok' to look at a woman, you, and be with a woman, you.

You are the only woman he is allowed to look at in a s*xual way and you are the only woman he is allowed to be with in a s*xual way.

Be his #wife as only you can. #marriage

When he looks at you, don't cover up. Or when he reaches out to touch you, don't shy away. He is doing what God wired him to do, be attracted to you and your body. Let your husband see you. Let him touch you. Let him be with you.

As women, we often struggle with self image. We don't want our body to  be seen by anyone, husband included. Sister, understand this: when your husband looks at you, he doesn't see a bust too small, he doesn't see overweight, he doesn't see wrinkles, he doesn't see any problem. He sees the woman he is attracted to and wants to be with. He loves what he sees.

Stop pulling away from him and be his wife, in every sense of the word, as only you can.

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  1. Beautiful! It always amazes me how he can look at me with love and desire...after 38 years of marriage...after 4 kids...after weight gain...after stretchmarks...just after and yet he looks at me and sees none of least not the way I see it all. Thank you, Lord, for this man of mine and for his love and commitment to You and to me!


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