Friday, June 20, 2014

Family Day

Post by: Jenilee

It is summer.

The days are longer.

The schedule is busy.

The kids are home from school.

Camps, classes, VBS, church events, family parties, work parties... the calendar is FULL.

But in all the busyness, don't forget to plan a family day.

Not a huge vacation that costs a ton of money.

Just one day. Or an overnight.

Simple family time that makes a huge impact on your kids.

A day at the zoo
An afternoon at the park
A trip to the beach
A shopping adventure downtown

Think of some fun, simple ways that you can plan a family day. Let your kids help with ideas of things they'd loved to do. Research fun things in your area or within easy driving distance.

Then once you plan it, get it on the calendar. Take the day off work or whatever you need to do to clear the space. Schedule it.

All that is left is to do it!

Go do that family day and enjoy some time together.

Plan it.
Schedule it.
Do it.

What was your last family day? What did you do?

Fun on the journey,


  1. Great advice. We actually had tomorrow planned with all of the extended family to have a zoo day. However we found out we have baseball so that has been postponed. Last Friday we all we went the races to watch my dad race for Father's Day. And we have a family vacation planned in August.

  2. A zoo day with lots of family is always fun! hopefully you can get it rescheduled soon!!


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