Friday, May 9, 2014

A Gift for Yourself

Moms, this is our weekend.

The time when the world recognizes our hard work, our love, our dedication and our incredible jobs at home.

So, today...

I have one piece of advice.

Advice that, should you choose to take it, will be a gift just for you.

A gift you can give yourself this weekend.

What could that advice be?

Enjoy each minute.

That means let the laundry wait. Step away from the stove. Take a nap. Forgo cleaning the playroom. Accept breakfast in bed.

Enjoy your family. Spend time snuggling. Smell the flowers. Sip your coffee.

Enjoy each minute.

Don't let the weekend slip by full of stress, work, and busyness.

Stop. Breathe and enjoy being a mom.

I can hear you thinking and making excuses and telling me all the things you have to do this weekend.

I know... I have a list too.

But, give yourself a gift. Enjoy each minute and be blessed this Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day!

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