Friday, March 28, 2014

Wake Within Me

Hillsong has a great song that my family loves.

In fact, it is one of our go to morning songs when we are on our way to school or on the road early for our travels.

The song starts with these lyrics:

At break of day, in hope we rise.
We speak Your Name, we lift our eyes.
Tune our hearts into Your beat.
Where we walk, there You'll be.

Wake Within Me: recognizing ways that God is awakening us every day

I love the first few lines... in fact, I could play them over and over as the prayer to begin our day.

The song goes on about how He shines through us and then the chorus says, "You wake within me, wake within me. You're in my heart forever."

You wake within me.

I've really been thinking about that lately.

What does that mean?

What are some ways that God wakes within us so that He can be seen clearly in our lives?

God dropped a nugget in my heart with a very simple answer to those questions.

He is awakened in us through the every day, normal moments of life.

He is awakened in our word choices to our spouse.

He is awakened in our moral or ethical decisions at work.

He is awakened in our parenting moments.

He is alive and visible and bright in us when we choose to live for him as we go about our day.

Walking in his beat, knowing He is walking with us.

By choosing his way, his plan, his commands for our life, we are allowing Him to awaken within us.

In every thing we do each day.

In every interaction we have with people of faith and people who don't yet know the Hope of Jesus.

So today, allow Him to awaken in you.

Let Him shine in your day and be visible to those around you.

What are some ways that He wakes within you?


  1. Beautiful encouragement! Thank you for this Jenilee.

    1. it is a great song with a very real message!


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