Monday, March 3, 2014

Lessons From Eyeshadow

When it comes to eye make up, I am a very simple, neutral girl. I wear light browns and light pinks. Very basic. And I like it. Recently I decided to change it up and do a 'smoky eye.' My husband loved it and told me I looked s*xy. I did my typical eye roll and said, "Sure, whatever." It's what I always do when he gives me any kind of compliment. Then my twelve year old daughter said this, "Mommy, Daddy was just telling you how pretty you are. You should say 'thank you.'"


Yes, I should reply with a 'thank you.'

How many times do we scoff at our husband when he hands us a compliment? Why do we do that?

I often tell my husband how good I think he looks. Whether he is dressed up for church, in his sweats and tee after a shower, or in his stinky work clothes. I think he looks incredible and I tell him often. He replies with 'thank you.' Yet, I always tell him how wrong he is when he tells me.

Where we may see less than perfection, he sees his beautiful bride. Where we see more flaws than we can count, he sees his s*xy lady. When our husband hands us a compliment, whether he says you are beautiful, stunning, lovely, gorgeous, s*xy, attractive, pretty or even nice, we need to realize that is his way of saying he loves us and is still attracted to us. Our response should always be appreciation.

The next time your husband gives you a compliment, respond in a loving and appreciative way.

As I am typing this, hubby and I are getting ready to go out on a date and he told me I looked 'hot.' I said, "Thank you!" {smiles}


  1. O-U-C-H! You must have learned this from me...I never accept compliments graciously...I usually just say, 'Whatever!' I really need to remember that when he looks at me he sees me as I was before kids, before graying hair, before time began to take it's toll. Thank you for this reminder!

  2. really great post! a lesson we all can learn from for sure. it is not easy to accept that our husband sees us so differently than we see ourselves

  3. Ouch...excellent word!!


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