Monday, March 24, 2014

Being On The Same Page

My husband loves to watch home remodel shows where they "flip" houses. One show in particular always catches my attention. Not because of the beautiful tile work or fabulous curb appeal. No, this show catches my attention because of the husband-wife team.

Every single episode ends up with the husband and wife arguing. Why? Because they are not on the same page. She wants the house one way, he wants it another. He tells the contractor to do one thing, she tells the contractor to do another. It's a mess!

We need to be on the same page with our spouse. Not being on the same page is disastrous.

How to stay on the same page in our marriage:
  1. Prayer. Pray together regularly. If your husband is not a praying man {yet}, then make sure you are praying for your marriage.
  2. Communicate. Communication is vital for a marriage. Discuss your plans. Discuss your future. Discuss everything. Make communication a top priority.
  3. Consult each other. Before making any plans, discuss it with each other. This way each person can ask questions and understand what is going on.
  4. Post plans. I am not talking about social media here. I am talking about a calendar and/or notes around the house. My husband often tells me that I forget to tell him stuff. But I believe I've told him and he's forgotten. So we use a calendar. Everything our family does goes on a calendar. We also put notes all around the house. This way we all know what is going on.
  5. Offer grace. When you mess up, you want your husband to offer grace and move on. So give him the same.
What other ways can you stay on the same page with your husband?

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