Monday, October 7, 2013

Marriage Monday - Sharing With Others

Social media, conversations with friends, sharing with your mother, these are all ways that we share our thoughts and feelings. We get them out in the open.

How many times have you seen Facebook statuses like this:
Ugh! Wish my husband would help out around the house!
Be nice if my husband would get off the video game for five minutes and pay attention to his children.
Guess what stupid thing my husband did today? 
We've all seen updates like this time and time again. We've all heard others talking like this time and time again. We've all probably at some point even said or posted things like this.

Sharing our thoughts and feelings when we are upset and feeling negative, can be a dangerous thing. Those words hurt the ones we love.

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It is okay to have that one friend/accountability partner, or maybe your accountability group, who we share with for the purpose of encouragement and prayer. We all need that. We need a fellow sister in Christ to turn to when things are bad and tempers run wild. It is a blessing to have that. But sharing on social media should not happen. Once it is out there, it is out there forever. And sharing with too many people who are not your accountability partner is not wise either because it puts the problem out to too many heads and hearts.

Too many times I've seen women sharing on social media or with too many friends and when the husbands see, their feelings are greatly hurt. Just think of it this way: What if your husband did it? What if he told ten friends at work of a stupid mistake you made? What if he posted on Facebook how whiny and moody you've been the past week? It would hurt your feelings. If he has done it, sister think of how it made you feel. Do you really want to hurt his feelings?

When you are upset with your husband, hurting over something in your marriage, first and foremost, take it to God. Spend time in prayer over the situation and your own attitude about it. Then talk to your one friend/accountability partner in private, away from social media and away from other ears. Ask her to pray with you. Then let it stop there to no be repeated to others.                                                                                                                                   Let's be women who honor God and our husbands with what we say. Be careful what you say and what you post.

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