Thursday, September 26, 2013

The love of God amazes...

Boy, this week has gone by fast!  We just got home from vacation on Monday and here it is Thursday already!  The older I get the faster time goes! 

Today I sit and reflect on my many blessings...I cannot believe that God has blessed me with so much...not monetarily...but blessings nonetheless!  It is so easy to take for granted the things in our life.  I never want to forget that the things in my life are a direct result of God and His love for me!  Even when things aren't going my way because I have made choices that may not have been the best ones...God has blessed me!

From the smallest of things to the most gargantuan, God has blessed me!  I sit in my living room when I could be sitting on the street!  I enjoy a cool glass of water when I could be scrounging for a sip of gutter water.  I slept on a very comfortable bed when I could have been sleeping on the ground.  I drive a newer car when I could be walking.  I wear clean clothing when I could be wearing filthy rags.  I am relatively healthy when I could easily have much wrong with me.  Yes, I am blessed...blessed beyond measure!

What about you?  Have you taken time lately to thank God for the many blessings in your life?  Stop and look around you.  If it weren't for God...where would you be?

Have a blessed day!


  1. I work in the mountains of El Salvador. I see poverty everyday. This enemy comes in different forms. The lack of things does not make us poor, oh no! The lack of love is the greatest form of poverty humanity can ever know. To love someone is to share great wealth. Be blessed and be a like Jesus! Thanks for letting me share. :)


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